Ethics Rules

Ethics Rules

1. Honesty

Honesty, integrity and sincerity are the forerunners of Saf Group’s ethical principles, forming the core of business ethics. All employees, business partners and vendors taking part in every business line where Saf Group operates are expected to act according to the principle of honesty.

2. Confidentiality

At the top of Saf Group’s most valued ethical principles list stands the principle of personal data protection and refraining to share information such as trade secrets, confidential information and project details with third parties without the consent of owners. Saf Group employees and business partners are obligated to protect, within the scope of the rules of confidentiality, the Company’s financial and trade secrets and information that may harm its competitive strength, its employees’ personal rights and information, and the Company’s contracts with business partners. Information shall only be used as required by assignments and in line with the Company’s objectives, and no business-related data or material should be shared with unauthorized persons or authorities under any circumstances within or out of the company. In the case of their dismissal, employees must never use any information or document they obtained by virtue their assignment or position during their employment against Saf Group in order to gain personal advantage or interest; also 

All Saf Group employees of any group company are expected;

  • Not to share information regarding their salaries with other employees in accordance with the confidentiality of salaries principle 
  • To secure the e-mail address they have been given by the company, and should under no circumstance let any person other than themselves use this e-mail address
  • To personally secure all shared computers and equipment in the office
  • Not to share personal user names or passwords and demand this information from others


3. Justice 

Saf Group does not engage in discriminate conduct towards its business partners, employees, clients and vendors based on their religion, language, race, nationality, gender and social status. Saf Group prioritizes the establishment of a sense of justice and trust among its employees. In this context, all decisions regarding Saf Group employees’, promotion, title change and employment are only made by taking responsibility, talent, experience, attitude, performance and potential into consideration. 

4. Conflict of interest

Saf Group employees must avoid acts that may result in a conflict of interest during their employment, must protect the interests of the company, and must not involve Saf Group any act that can lead to malfeasance.

Employees must not use Saf Group’s name, corporate identity, reputation and strength to obtain personal benefit. They should not make personal earnings from purchases, sales and other activities and contracts. According to Saf Group’s ethical rules it is forbidden for employees to act as a supplier, representative, agent or with any other similar title, either by establishing a company on their behalf during or after their employment in the company or by using personal relationships.

5. Relationship and Communication  

The relationship and communication of Saf Group with commercially-related individuals/corporations is founded on the principles of professionalism, candour, dignity, courtesy, and reliability. Under these circumstances the employees must avoid all kinds of insulting, discriminatory or offensive written and verbal expressions. No gifts of more than symbolic value, money, property, free vacation or special discounts may be offered or accepted.

6. Our responsibilities

Saf Group acts according to the notions of responsibility towards all customers, employees and society, and compliance with the law. 

All kinds of reports, presentations, financial statements that will go public or will be presented to authorities are prepared in an accurate and transparent manner in line with legislation and corporate regulations. 

Regarding the relations with clients, Saf Group acts under the principle of integrity, defends the rights of its clients while heeding their objections and demands. As always, Saf Group aims to create values for its clients while meeting their demands and needs in the best way possible. Saf Group prioritizes to offer attainable commitments for the relations and communication efforts with its clients, avoiding any misdirection.

Saf Group considers it an important priority to form and sustain a fair working environment for its employees, making sure that the employees are working in safe, healthy and appropriate conditions. Conscious of the inseparability of education and qualified employment, Saf Group allocates all of its resources to support investment in developing its employees. It provides each employee with equal rights in education, career, employment and promotion while making sure that all employees get what they deserve in full and on time according to the just management principle.

Saf Group focuses on sustainable business areas and projects in sectors in which it can make a difference, which offer a competitive advantage, and which are focused on profitable growth. By treating its suppliers and business partners fairly and with respect, it fulfils its obligations as soon as possible and shows maximum effort to prevent and resolve any possible conflicts. All decisions and transactions made by Saf Group are notified to business partners in accordance with the legislation. Business relationships involving common interests between Saf Group companies and business partners are carried out in an awareness of responsibility towards the society.

Saf Group competes in all sectors in which it operates, within the framework of fair competition conditions. Saf Group adopts the view that correct and honest competition is one of the most important factors for the development of the company and the related sector, and accordingly it manages its activities by promoting the understanding of competition based on product performance, development and service quality.

Saf Group aims to set high standards on environmental awareness while moving forward with the notion of social benefit and environmental responsibility.