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Founded in 1858, Sallis Healthcare - four generations of Sallis Family- specialize in the production and supply of medical textile products with a wealth of knowledge spanning over 150 years.

Devon Medical Products is a medical device manufacturer who produces medical devices and products with expert care and precision, and to make those products accessible worldwide.

All group companies and subsidiaries are managed from our office located in Istanbul.

All group companies and subsidiaries are managed from our office located in Istanbul.

Urgo Medical is the medical division of Laboratoires Urgo (a French family company founded in 1880), and belongs to the Urgo group. Since 2014, Urgo Medical is number 3 in the European wound healing market. Because skin is a vital organ that is necessary for the good health and well being of all, Urgo Medical is committed to furthering knowledge on the treatment of wounds and injured tissues.

Formed in 2011, MCBoben Health Science is the first of a new GENERATION of health-science company. With investing in novelty and leveraging leading edge science, MCBoben strives to forge a new industry between food and chemical pharmaceuticals based upon inherently safe nutritional therapies with relevant levels of quality of spiritual life benefits and proven clinical and health economic value which will be attained till 2025.

AeroClave, LLC. was founded in 2003 for the purpose of developing, manufacturing and selling a system capable of decontaminating commercial and military aircraft from pandemic-producing viruses and other disease-causing pathogens.

Covalon was founded by a group of entrepreneurial PhD’s from the University of Toronto who recognized an opportunity to serve the global community through the development of patented medical technology in the areas of infection control, advanced wound care and medical coatings.

Eurosaf Foreign Trade & Construction is an associate of SAF GROUP. Since 2017 the company has operated as Eurozone office.

The Hemosep system salvages blood loss during surgery and recycles it so that it can be transfused back to the patient.

Advancis Medical is a UK based medical device company building an international reputation for developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of advanced wound care products.

NU is a passionately creative fashion retail brand for women and men which was launched in 2002, operating through 16 stores in 6 different markets.

North Africa including Mena, Sub-Saharan Africa and Gulf Region operations are managed by our Sam Global Dubai Office.

Our Far-East Operations including Indonesia and Malaysia region are managed by our Office in PRC, Beijing.

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